Validating the results in Varna

June 6, 2023

The development and validation of the toolkit are critical components of the SkillUp project. The partners have come together to create a comprehensive and effective resource that addresses the needs of adult learners, focusing on digital skills, transversal skills, and sustainability skills. This web post provides an overview of the activities undertaken during this phase.

Assembling and Digitalizing Toolkit

Under the leadership of iEL, the partners embarked on assembling and digitalizing the toolkit. This involved extensive research and collaboration with local experts in e-learning to ensure the toolkit’s relevance and usefulness. Simultaneously, the partners diligently translated the toolkit into their respective languages, promoting future usage and wider local exploitation. This process was crucial in adapting the toolkit to specific regional needs.

Validation of Toolkit and Plan for Future Use

As the toolkit neared completion, the partners organized final local events to validate its content and ensure clarity and comprehensiveness in the local language versions. The aim was to engage HR experts, trainers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and other stakeholders in reviewing and providing feedback on the toolkit. These events also served as platforms for promoting short courses and encouraging more adults to participate in learning programs. Valuable insights and suggestions from the participants were collected to enhance the toolkit’s applicability, particularly in conjunction with other training offerings.

Finalization and Promotion

Based on the feedback received, the partners compiled the comments and incorporated them into the common exploitation plan. In the last month of the project, the toolkit was finalized in all four versions and prepared for dissemination. During the final meeting, the partners reviewed the project’s outcomes, shared insights from the validation process, and discussed potential follow-up activities or future projects. The toolkit, a valuable resource for stakeholders, was made available to them within the project’s lifetime.

Expected Impact

The primary beneficiaries of the toolkit are educators within the partner organizations. They will receive the complete toolkit, equipped with various elements, to enhance their readiness in working with adult learners. By utilizing the toolkit, educators and key collaborators can employ innovative methods to engage adult learners in both online and offline activities. The toolkit aims to increase educators’ knowledge, capabilities, and experiences in supporting adult learners’ motivation and learning journeys.

Furthermore, the wider audience of external educators and stakeholders can observe the progress made by the partners and learn from their collaboration. SMEs and local communities, in particular, stand to benefit from the improved skills and competencies of employees. The toolkit, available in local languages, can be validated by external educators, making it adaptable to local labor market requirements and facilitating skills acquisition.


The development and validation of the toolkit mark a significant milestone in the SkillUp project. The partners have successfully created a comprehensive resource to empower adult learners and educators in acquiring and enhancing employability skills. The toolkit, comprising modules on digital skills, transversal skills, and sustainability skills, along with short courses, offers a flexible and practical solution for educators and organizations to meet the demands of the labor market. Through their collaboration, the partners have strengthened cooperation, increased professionalism, and fostered competitiveness in the field of adult education.