Transversal Workshop in Varna

September 13, 2022

One of the key objectives of our project is to enhance the development and assessment of transversal skills in the labor market. In this regard, our partners play a crucial role in creating and implementing effective strategies. Let’s take a closer look at the activities carried out by each partner to achieve this goal.

As the activity leader, DTSA has been instrumental in structuring and developing the toolkit for transversal skills. They have worked closely with FRM-it support to create an index for the toolkit, ensuring comprehensive coverage of relevant topics. Additionally, DTSA has prepared the first module on transversal skills, which includes informative handouts, exercises, and workshop materials.

Workshop 1 in Varna, Bulgaria

To facilitate practical learning, a workshop was conducted in Varna, Bulgaria. Led by the coordinator, a short lesson on transversal skills was delivered to a group of nine educators from partner organizations. Subsequently, the educators collaborated to develop assessment tools, role plays, exercises, and other materials for a short course on transversal skills. This hands-on approach allowed the educators to actively contribute and customize the learning experience.

Testing with Adult Learners

Following the workshop, the educators returned to their respective locations and organized two sessions each, involving a total of 10 adult learners, to test the newly developed short course on transversal skills. The results of these tests were collected and sent to DTSA for finalization of the module, course, and associated tools.

Target Groups

The primary target group for these activities is the educators within our partner organizations. Through their participation, they not only enhance their ability to support adult learners but also strengthen their international teamwork skills. Furthermore, the adult learners receiving support from our partners benefit from the testing of the courses, as it allows for immediate feedback and improvements. Additionally, external educators and stakeholders can observe the progress made by the partners, facilitating knowledge transfer.

Concrete Results

As a result of these activities, the project has achieved the following concrete outcomes:

  • One training module for educators on transversal skills
  • One short course for adult learners on transversal skills
  • Three self-assessment tools for measuring learners’ transversal skills
  • One checklist for educators to monitor learners’ progress and observe skills in action


The activities have yielded several positive outcomes, including:

  • Innovative approaches for fostering professional skills related to transversal skills
  • Increased ability for educators to work in international teams
  • Enhanced knowledge in coaching, online learning, and other relevant topics
  • Improved capacity for planning, delivering, and communicating with learners using IT tools
  • Heightened motivation among learners to acquire or update their skills

In conclusion, the collaborative efforts of our partners have resulted in significant progress towards developing and assessing transversal skills. These activities have not only enriched the expertise of educators but also empowered adult learners to thrive in the evolving job market. We remain committed to furthering our collective efforts and achieving even greater impact.