Susstainability Worshop in Torino

May 3, 2023

At FRAMEWORK, we are dedicated to enhancing the employability skills of adult learners and supporting educators in their professional growth. As part of our collaborative project, we have embarked on a transnational journey to study and develop sustainability skills in the actual labor market. This initiative aims to address the pressing need for reskilling the workforce and equipping individuals with the competences required for the 21st-century job market.

Formalizing Module 3 on Sustainability Skills:

We are proud to announce the formalization of Module 3, which focuses on sustainability skills. Our team of experienced educators and researchers have meticulously crafted this module to increase educators’ knowledge and understanding of sustainability skills. The module includes a comprehensive handbook, workshop exercises, and other resources that will be utilized during the learning sessions.

Workshop 3 in Torino, Italy

In collaboration with our Italian partner, we recently conducted a hands-on workshop in Torino, Italy. The workshop served as a practical, interactive session where educators from our partner organizations came together to explore sustainability skills. The Italian partner delivered a brief lesson on sustainability skills, after which the educators collaboratively developed assessment tools, role plays, exercises, and other materials. These resources will form the basis of a short course designed specifically for adult learners.

Testing of Short Course 3 with Adult Learners

Following the workshop, our educators returned to their respective countries and organized two testing sessions with different groups of adult learners. A total of ten learners had the opportunity to participate in these sessions, allowing our educators to assess the effectiveness of Short Course 3 on sustainability skills. The feedback and results collected during the testing period will be crucial in finalizing the module, the short course, and their associated tools.

Concrete Results and Outcomes

Through our collaborative efforts, we have achieved significant concrete results. These include the development of a training module for educators on sustainability skills, a short course for adult learners, self-assessment tools to measure learners’ skill levels, and checklists to monitor learners’ progress. The outcomes of this project extend beyond tangible results. Our partnership has fostered an innovative and dynamic approach to professional skills development, promoted cross-cultural teamwork among educators, and expanded their knowledge on various topics such as coaching, online learning, and digital skills.

Additionally, our educators have gained an increased understanding of IT tools, improved their capacity for planning, delivering, and communicating with learners, and developed a heightened ability to assess learners’ progress and provide valuable feedback. Most importantly, the project has ignited a sense of motivation among adult learners, empowering them to acquire new skills and embrace lifelong learning opportunities.


The activities undertaken within this project have brought us closer to achieving our goal of equipping adult learners with essential employability skills and empowering educators to facilitate their learning journey. As we continue to refine and finalize the short courses and accompanying tools, we are confident that our collective efforts will have a lasting impact on the lives of adult learners, helping them thrive in a rapidly evolving job market.