Piloting the Course with Adults

June 2, 2023

This report presents an overview of the successful testing phase of the SkillUp project’s toolkit with a group of 10 adult learners from each partner organization. The purpose of this testing was to gather valuable feedback and insights from the target audience and ensure the toolkit’s effectiveness in enhancing employability skills.

Participant Selection

A diverse group of 10 adult learners from each partner organization was carefully selected to participate in the toolkit testing. These individuals represented a range of backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels, providing a comprehensive perspective on the toolkit’s applicability.

Testing Process

  1. Introduction to the Toolkit: The testing session began with an introduction to the toolkit, where participants were provided with an overview of its purpose, features, and intended outcomes. They were encouraged to ask questions and clarify any doubts before proceeding.

  2. Hands-on Activities: Participants engaged in a series of hands-on activities designed to explore different sections of the toolkit. These activities included interactive exercises, role plays, and discussions, allowing participants to actively apply the toolkit’s concepts to real-life scenarios.

  3. Feedback and Reflection: Following each activity, participants were given the opportunity to provide feedback and reflect on their experience with the toolkit. Facilitators encouraged open and honest discussions, capturing both positive aspects and areas for improvement.

  4. Group Discussions: Collaborative group discussions were conducted, enabling participants to share their perspectives, exchange ideas, and suggest enhancements to the toolkit. These discussions fostered a supportive learning environment and encouraged active engagement.

  5. Individual Assessments: In addition to group discussions, participants were individually assessed on their understanding and application of the toolkit’s content. This provided valuable insights into the toolkit’s effectiveness in meeting individual learning needs.

Key Findings and Outcomes

    1. Positive Reception: Overall, participants responded positively to the toolkit, highlighting its user-friendly design, comprehensive content, and relevance to their professional development needs.

    2. Improved Self-awareness: Participants reported an increased awareness of their own employability skills and the areas they needed to focus on for personal growth.

    3. Practical Application: The toolkit’s emphasis on practical application resonated with participants, as they appreciated the opportunity to practice and develop their skills in a supportive environment.

    4. Customizability: Participants expressed a desire for more flexibility and customization options within the toolkit to adapt it to their specific learning preferences and contexts.

    5. Further Support and Resources: Participants expressed the need for additional resources and support materials to supplement the toolkit, such as case studies, video tutorials, and additional practice exercises.


    1. The testing phase of the SkillUp project’s toolkit with adult learners from each partner organization proved to be a valuable and insightful process. The feedback gathered from the participants will inform further improvements and refinements to ensure the toolkit’s effectiveness in enhancing employability skills. The positive reception and constructive suggestions from the participants validate the importance of such tools in empowering adult learners for success in the rapidly evolving labor market.