We are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of partner organizations who share our vision and commitment to empowering adult learners and enhancing employability skills. Together, we form a strong network of expertise and innovation in the field of adult education.

Dare to Scale Academy


Dare to Scale Academy is a youth organization focused on improving and developing young people. The organization has the main purpose to develop a mix of skills and qualities that are useful and help people to find their place in the European Communities. Various events, training, projects and studies related to soft skills, business, social skills, ecology, multicultural environment and many others are some of the main topics used by our organization.




Framework promotes continuous improvement and empowerment of individuals and the community through the dissemination of lifelong learning activities and participation in European initiatives. We take care of researching and sharing new methodologies, techniques and educational materials that guarantee the development of transversal skills necessary to compete in the world of work, aiming at the preparation of responsible, active and participatory citizenship.

Innovation Education Lab


Innovation Education Lab is actively seeking proposals and ideas for partnerships, as they continue to grow and innovate in the field of education. Their actions include creating a physical space for non-formal education, connecting with communities for educational activities, promoting non-formal education in rural areas, developing a digital learning platform, implementing new learning methodologies, and researching organizational development methods.