Multiplier Event in Torino

July 9, 2022

We are pleased to share an overview of the recent SkillUp project’s multiplier event, which brought together a diverse group of participants to test and refine concepts aimed at addressing the needs of managers, organizations, and companies. The event served as a platform to showcase the project’s initiatives, methodologies, and collaborative efforts of the partners involved.

Registration and Materials Distribution

The day began with a smooth registration process, allowing participants to check in and receive their event materials. This ensured a seamless start to the event and set the stage for an engaging and productive day ahead.

Framework Presentation and Partner Introduction

The event kicked off with a comprehensive presentation on the SkillUp project’s framework. Participants gained a detailed understanding of the framework’s purpose and significance in enhancing employability skills. The partners involved in the project were introduced, highlighting their valuable contributions and collaborative efforts in the development of the project’s initiatives.

Units of the Program

The participants were then provided with an in-depth overview of the three units of the program by the Development of Transversal Skills Association (DTSA). The DTSA expertly highlighted the specific skills associated with each unit, giving participants a comprehensive understanding of the competencies required for successful engagement in the program.

Practical Toolkit Exercise

To bring the concepts to life, the Implementation and Evaluation Lab (IEL) conducted a practical exercise focused on the toolkit. Participants actively engaged with the toolkit, exploring its features and understanding its practical application. This hands-on activity provided an opportunity to test and refine the toolkit based on real-world scenarios and user feedback.

Networking and Collaboration

Throughout the event, ample networking opportunities were provided, fostering connections and collaboration among the participants. These sessions facilitated the sharing of ideas, experiences, and best practices on upskilling the adult workforce. The diverse perspectives in the room led to fruitful discussions and the generation of innovative ideas, strengthening the overall impact of the event.


The multiplier event for the SkillUp project was a resounding success, showcasing the initiatives and methodologies developed by the partners. The engagement and active participation of the attendees contributed to the refinement of concepts and ensured their effectiveness in addressing the needs of managers, organizations, and companies. The event served as a catalyst for collaboration and relationship-building among the participants, paving the way for future joint efforts to enhance employability skills.