Digital Workshop in Brashov

January 10, 2023

As part of our project, we have partnered with iEL, an organization leading the way in advancing digital skills for educators. This collaboration aims to formalize a module on digital skills, conduct workshops, and test short courses with adult learners. By doing so, we strive to enhance the abilities of educators and equip adult learners with essential digital competences.

Formalizing Module 2 on Digital Skills

iEL will take the lead in developing the second module, which focuses on increasing educators’ knowledge and understanding of digital skills. They will prepare comprehensive materials, including handouts, exercises, and other resources to be used during the workshop. This module will provide educators with practical insights and tools to effectively teach digital skills.

Workshop 1 on Digital Skills in Brashov

The Romanian partner will conduct a workshop that serves as a practical, learning-by-doing session. The workshop will begin with a short lesson on digital skills, followed by collaborative activities involving nine educators from partner organizations. Together, they will work on creating assessment tools, role plays, exercises, and other materials for a short course on digital skills tailored for adult learners.

Testing of Short Course 2 on Digital Skills with Adult Learners

After the workshop, educators will return to their respective locations and organize two sessions each, involving a total of ten adult learners. These sessions will serve as a testing ground for the developed short course. Educators will gather feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the course, which will be shared with iEL for finalization. The insights gained from this testing phase will contribute to the refinement of the course and its accompanying tools.

Target Groups

The main target group for these activities is the educators within the partner organizations. Through participation in workshops and the development of digital skills modules, educators will enhance their ability to facilitate adult learners’ development and adapt to the changing educational landscape. Additionally, adult learners supported by the partner organizations will benefit from being actively involved in the testing phase, experiencing engaging learning methods and gaining motivation to pursue further education.

Concrete Results

The collaboration between partners will result in the creation of a training module for educators on digital skills, a short course specifically designed for adult learners, self-assessment tools to measure learners’ digital skills, and checklists for educators to monitor learners’ progress. These outcomes will form an educators’ toolkit aimed at enhancing professionalism and skill sets.


Outcomes: The activities conducted during this phase will lead to several positive outcomes, including:

  1. Innovative and dynamic approaches to fostering professional skills and competences in digital skills.
  2. Enhanced ability of educators to work in transnational teams and adapt to international work environments.
  3. Increased knowledge on coaching, online learning, and other selected topics relevant to digital skills.
  4. Improved ability of educators to understand learners’ progress and provide effective feedback and validation.

By engaging educators and adult learners in these activities, we aim to promote lifelong learning and equip individuals with the necessary digital competences for post-COVID recovery and success in the labor market.